"I'll play it first and tell you what it is later."
— Miles Davis

After Hours brings together the talents of five musicians from various decades, experiences and walks of life. Each member makes a unique contribution to a common curiosity about, and interest in, playing jazz. Their music covers the prohibition-era speakeasy of the 1920s straight through the dimly lit smoke-filled nightclub of the 1960s.

Mike Del Campo, drums

Like many drummers of the era, Mike began playing drums in a rock band in his early teens. Hailing from Livingston, New Jersey, he studied with Don Megaro and then Glen Weber at what is now the New Jersey School of Percussion. He soon moved on to jazz, first sitting in with the New-Orleans-styled Buffalo Disaster Jazz Band and then playing not-so-standard standards with keyboardist and current producer and arranger Charlie Elgart. [read more]

Bill Ernst, piano

Bill, a chemical engineering professor, has played jazz piano for over 55 years. He and several colleagues at Georgia Tech formed the straight-ahead jazz combo, Jazz No Chaser. The group performed regularly at on-campus and off-campus events, and played at the 1997 Atlanta Jazz Festival. Bill also performs in a trio with bassist, Peter Hildebrandt and vocalist Etsuko Tomeda. [read more]

Terry Foster, sax and flute

Terry has been entertaining jazz lovers in the Atlanta area for twenty years with the Atlanta Blue Notes (a 19 piece big band), Crosstown Jazz combos, the Bill Snyder Quartet and About Time (for Jazz!). A music performance major in woodwinds, Terry plays flute, alto flute, alto, tenor and bari saxes and clarinet. [read more]

Peter Hildebrandt, bass

Peter has been playing the string bass since he was eight. Nearly forty years later, he’s still at it with classical, jazz, and everything in between. Principal bassist with the Georgia Philharmonic, he also regularly plays with the Gainesville Symphony, New Atlanta Philharmonic, Ludwig Symphony Orchestra, and Ernst/Hildebrandt Duo. Peter is the founder of the Georgia Chamber Music Retreat, and co-founder of the Rose City Chamber Orchestra in Oregon. When he’s not playing music, he’s usually playing cello or piano. [read more]

David Rood, trumpet

David grew up in the choral music tradition. He discovered trumpet at age ten. Within two years, he was playing for weddings and theatre. As a pre-teen, he took classes in theory, trumpet and piano at Brenau College. While in school, he participated in All-State and Governor's Honors on trumpet, serving as district principal each year, and played piano in a district jazz band one year. [read more]
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